LAAD – AgustaWestland Presence

AgustaWestland attends LAAD 2011 in Rio de Janeiro (April 12th – 15th 2011) exhibiting its range of products for both commercial and military/government applications, particularly including an AW119Ke single engine for law enforcement applications, an AW109 LUH military light twin, a GrandNew light twin for VIP transport, an AW159 multipurpose intermediate helicopter and an AW139 medium twin for offshore transport.
AgustaWestland has experienced a dramatically growing success in Central and South America markets in recent years with various helicopter types and for a number of roles including VIP/corporate transport, offshore transport and government tasks such as law enforcement, emergency medical service and firefighting.
Product support offering spare parts availability, maintenance and repairing services has progressively been strengthened ensuring a more and more increasing efficiency and responsiveness in the region. Orders well exceeding 200 helicopters have been placed by customers in South America so far, not considering old models such as the AB212, AB412, SH-3 and Lynx for example.
The company has been playing a major role in Brazil for years. Orders for over 150 AgustaWestland helicopters have been placed in Brazil to date. Particularly, AgustaWestland's light twins are the leaders in the Brazilian helicopter market representing a market share of around 70% of the light twin fleet. Also the best selling medium twin AW139 has seen a rising success, especially for offshore and VIP transport. The latest product in the light twin segment, the GrandNew, has also already started achieving success in the market. AgustaWestland do Brasil, an AgustaWestland company, supports the Brazilian and South Americas fleet through its Service Centre in Sao Paulo and through Ultra-Rev, an Authorised Service Centre in Rio de Janeiro. A new larger facility is currently being built in Sao Paulo. As far as the Brazilian Navy is concerned, it already effectively operates the multirole Lynx helicopters.
AgustaWestland has also progressively expanded its presence in the entire region with sales in other countries, particularly Mexico, Chile and Panama to name a few with contracts for helicopters performing various roles such as VIP/corporate transport, law enforcement, emergency medical service, fire fighting and utility. 
A number of operational requirements exist in Central and South Americas. Offshore transport, passenger transport and EMS are among the main commercial applications. As far as government and military duties are concerned, requirements for law enforcement, civil defence, maritime operations, scout, training and troop transport allow AgustaWestland to offer a large number of different products from its military and government range. 


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