RIO2016 – Brazilian Armed Forces officially kick off security operations


Alana Gandra
Agência Brasil

Defense Minister Raul Jungmann on Sunday (Jul. 24) officially kicked off the security operations for the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The Brazilian Army, Navy and Air Force will make more than 22,000 men available to take care of defense and security of athletes, local residents, and tourists in Rio during the two events.

Interoperation and joint action are the key concepts behind the operations according to Jungmann. The military forces will provide security 24×7 at Olympic venues, highways, subway stations, the beachfront, and some roads that communicate with Olympic venues. Security has also been boosted at airports. In addition, contingency forces will be forward-stationed and may be used for security reinforcement.

Throughout Brazil, including in cities that will host the football matches, about 42,000 men are involved in the security efforts. In Rio, the operations will use 12 ships, 1,169 carriers, 70 armored vehicles, 34 helicopters, 48 boats, and 174 motorcycles.

“We are all set,” said General Fernando Azevedo e Silva, General Coordinator for Area Defense. He explained “the Armed Forces will not replace public security bodies,” but may intervene to help local public forces as required.

Rio de Janeiro - For?as Armadas iniciam opera??o especial para os Jogos Ol?mpicos Rio 2016, e ocupam pontos estrat?gicos da zona sul da cidade (Tomaz Silva/Ag?ncia Brasil)

Brazilian Marines in Rio de Janeiro Streets Photo –  Tomaz Silva / Agência Brasil



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