Brazilian government has sent medications to Syria

The Brazilian government has sent 44,000 drug units to Syria to help homeless and conflict-stricken populations in the Arab country. The country has also donated three strategic drug and health material supply kits, each large enough to serve up to 500 people for a period of three months.

The shipment, carrying approximately one ton in supplies, is being transported by the União, a Brazilian Navy frigate. The vessel has already departed from Rio de Janeiro toward Lebanon – the World Health Organization (WHO) will be responsible for the final leg of the trip between Lebanon and Syria.

The initiative is a partnership between the Ministries of Health, Defence and Foreign Affairs and the Brazilian Navy. The donation includes drugs to treat infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and vaccines against pneumonia, meningitis and rotavirus disease, all relevant infections that heavily affect children. Also included in the shipment are first aid kits and other medical supplies.

Fabio Frederico, international advisor to the Ministry of Health, emphasises the importance of solidarity between nations. “Brazil has a policy of supporting countries experiencing difficulties, as is the case of Syria at this time," he explains. “It is noteworthy that sending drugs, vaccines and supplies is only authorised when it does not undermine Brazil's internal supply of these products," he adds.


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