ARES attended to the most important event of Defense and Security of Latin American – LAAD 2017

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The event took place between April 4th to 7th at RioCentro – RJ and brought together national and international companies, committees and authorities from many countries looking for advanced technologies, equipment and services to Armed Forces and Police Forces.

ARES main solutions for Land and Naval Systems were exhibited attracting many authorities and local media.  Most products at ARES booth allowed visitors interaction and  experience equipment control.  It contributed to show the facility and security of the ARES developed systems operation.

Visitors from Army operating the Weapon Station REMAX

ARES Naval Systems, like CORCED and ATENA, also allowed the visitors to Interact and operate the equipment, attracting great attention.

TORC30 – Unmanned turret for land and air targets

One of the main attractions at ARES stand was the TORC30. A gyro stabilized unmanned turret using Rheinmetall MK30-2 30mm gun for armored vehicle.

Among ARES solutions, another important product  presented was REMAN, a manually-operated armored protected weapon station for different types of machine gun It was designed to be installed in light and medium weight armored vehicles (wheeled and tracked).

Land Systems – Featured on ARES stand


Working with highly qualified professionals, ARES has the first Brazilian Center of Excellence in Weapons Stations. Located in Rio de Janeiro, it allows development, manufacturing and maintenance according to the national and international market needs and requirements.

Throughout ARES activities, the company extended its potential and experience, serving for 49 years with excellence the Brazilian Armed Forces. ARES always works to provide advanced and high quality solutions, for development, manufacturing, maintenance and commercialization of products accordingthe current legislation and reference standards, for Land, Naval and Air Systems.

Photos: ARES


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