Mikhail Kalashnikov descendants’ rights not to be infringed

The Concern press service clarified some details related to the recent media publications about a lawsuit filed by the Concern Kalashnikov in court for intellectual property rights against the early termination of legal protection of trademarks owned by the company M.T. Kalashnikov. Filed suit does not violate the legal rights and interests of the Mikhail Kalashnikov descendants.

Governed by the legislation, the Concern Kalashnikov filed the suit in court for intellectual property rights against the early termination of the relevant legal protection of trademarks by M.T. Kalashnikov because they have not been executed.

Filed suit does not violate the legal rights and interests of the Mikhail Kalashnikov descendants, because it does not lead to the cessation of any activity related to the use of these trademarks. The sole purpose of this lawsuit is the consolidation and protection of Concern rights in the field of intellectual property. The Concern deals with the similar issues on the international market.

Presently, the Concern is negotiating with the M.T. Kalashnikov Fund headed by designer’s daughter Elena Kalashnikova about joint projects in this area.

The Concern, bearing the name of legendary gunsmith Mikhail Kalashnikov, sees the strengthening of Russian weapons positions in the world market as one of its priorities. Mikhail Kalashnikov donated the right to use his name to the Concern.

Small-arms weapon manufactured for many years by this company that possess huge export potential, unfortunately, fails to obtain the necessary legal protection of intellectual property. This led to a situation where the Concern products forced to compete on the global market with similar products manufactured by other countries. At the moment, there more than 100 world-wide trademarks that violate the Concern rights and legitimate interests and impede the promotion of its products.

Therefore, preservation and protection of the Concern intellectual property rights becomes the task of state importance. "By forming the Concern Kalashnikov we have great expectations that will be launched serious consistent legal work to protect the state national interests, particularly in matters of copyright protection", said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

Presently, the Concern is trying to consolidate its intellectual property rights, promote and protect Russian brands in the international market. In January-April this year, the Concern had filed applications for registration of trademarks containing the Concern product images – various modifications of the Kalashnikov automatic assault rifle, as well as symbol AK 47. By registering such trademarks, initially in Russia and later abroad, the Concern plans to suppress the manufacturing of similar products that are not related neither to the Concern nor to the Russian Federation.

During registering of these trademarks it has been found that similar trademarks were registered in 2004 by M.T. Kalashnikov, but it company did not used them. Under the Civil Code of the Russian Federation non-use of trademark within three years from the date of its state registration is the basis for early termination of legal protection. Early termination of trademark protection is subject to judicial procedure.

The Concern Kalashnikov (formerly DPF Izhmash) – Russia's largest manufacturer of automatic and sniper combat arms, cannon-launched guided projectiles, as well as a wide range of civil products – hunting guns, sporting rifles, machines and tools. The company was founded in 1807 and incorporated into the State Corporation Roste?.


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