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Texto publicado na revista Inspire, publicado pela al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).

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O texto abaixo consta da última edição da revista INSPIRE (Número 11), páginas 20-22, editada pela al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).

Trata do ataque do dia 15 de Abril 2013, ocorrido quando da Maratona de Boston, Estados Unidos. Muitos detalhes são colocados para os analistas. Que a área de inteligência da PF, ABIN e Forças Armadas consigam interpretar as palavras expressas.

O Editor



Abu Ziyad Al-Muhajir

April 15 is Tax Day in America. Last April taxes were returned in different forms; lives, blood and limbs, as a direct result of killing, injuring, torturing and jailing of millions of Muslim children, women and men, old and young, all around the Muslim world.
The Blessed Boston Bombings (BBB) have been an absolute success on all levels and domains. These heroic bombings have exposed many hidden shortcomings of the American security and intelligence system. They have also proved that the legendary acclaimed power of the enemy's intelligence is nothing but a big lie indeed. By tracking the course Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev -may Allah reward them- ran along on April 15 until they crossed their own finish line at 2:50 pm (ET), we can confidently say that the real worthy winners of the Boston Marathon were the Tsarnaev mujahideen Brothers.
When we talk about the Boston operation, we need to shed light on one element; the factor of success. Because it is important to all Muslims generally and the mujahideen in particular to know how brilliant the Tsarnaev were in planning and accomplishing these jihadi attacks. Surely, this comes after they've asked Allah for help and relied on Him. Abu Ziyad Al-Muhajir
Reasonable Questions
There are some important questions needed to be answered in order to judge how much effective lone jihad strikes on the enemy's soil are: 'Who', 'Why', 'Where', 'When' and 'How' are the appropriate questions here. The coming lines expound more on the questions.
"I don't have a single American friend, I don't understand them. I believe Americans had lost their 'values'." By these words Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, - may Allah accept his martyrdom - describes his alienation in the decaying American infidel society.
Tamerlan and his brother Dzhokhar lived a decade in America, people who knew them describe them as distinguished athletic young men. Nevertheless, their words indicate that they cannot integrate in such a mean environment. It is rather natural that any sincere Muslim in the West can never feel safe and well, while he watches the country he lives in invading, destroying and slaughtering his Muslim ummah. Because Muslims - no matter where they live - keep their loyalty to Islam only. So what are the western regimes going to do about this? Nothing much I believe.
It is crystal clear that all jihadi attacks on the West came as a belated reaction to the tremendous western oppression on Muslims throughout the last century.
Sheikh Usama - may Allah accept his martyrdom - made it clear when he said "As you kill, you will be killed until you leave our lands and stop supporting Israel"  So it doesn't need so much brainpower to find out why two young bright Muslim brothers living in Boston would wage attacks on America, the most vicious enemy of the Muslim Ummah.
The Tsarnaev brother Dzhokhar, 19 - may Allah heal him and set him free - said that he and his brother, Tamerlan "carried out the April 15 bombings to avenge perceived slights against Islam and because of America's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan." Tamerlan believed Islam is under attack and its adherents must fight back.
The Tsarnaev mujahideen's choice of Boston as a target for the bombings was very appropiate indeed. Why? Because it is relatively out of the enemy's attention as a potential target to the mujahideen, unlike New York for example, which is under an intensive security
surveillance since September 11.
Boston is also some hours away from Washington DC, this makes an attack on its soil a menace to the American capital and its residents. The BBB hit Copley Square the substantial heart of Boston center, whereby many hotels are around.
MIT is in the neighborhood, Fenway Park the home ballpark of the Boston Red Sox baseball club is not far, also Boston university and Boston college are located near the the blasts.
"They chose symbolic targets, certainly the iconic Boston marathon, the oldest marathon that brings people together from all around the world is that kind of symbolic event. It is also the April 15 Tax day, an event that might incite domestic or lone wolf type of terrorist" REP. Bill Keating (D) Massachusetts and Homeland Security Cmte. Member speaking to the American media.
In other words, this analysis states that "the Tsarnaev mujahideen were very clever by striking on the marathon day," in consideration that the event attracted 27,000 registered participants, in addition to approximately 500,000 spectators and about 1,000 media personnel from more than 100 outlets.
Moreover, last April 15 coincided with Patriots' Day, a civic holiday in Massachusetts. All this means the Tsarnaevs brothers planned smartly to strike at a crowded time to guarantee maximum killing and injuring.
This timing is significant in Lone Jihad operations. It is worth mentioning that the mujahideen detonated their IEDs in the middle of the race; 9000 runners were still on the course. Usually by this time the security forces have lost their vigilance due to exhaustion. That of course makes it easier to place the IEDs in the most appropriate location biidhnillah.
Whatever the plan that Tsarnaevs drew to execute their devastating attack was, they really did a great job. That is why the attacks were described in the American media as "sophisticated, coordinated, planned terror attacks, and not just one, but several individuals may have been responsible".
Starting with the surprising attacks. Although Tamerlan -may Allah accept his martyrdom- has been on the FBI terrorism watch list since 2011, he managed to keep himself and his brother Dzhokhar away from the enemy's attention until they rocked the marathon. Likewise, the law enforcement agencies had no clue of anything that could happen in the Boston Marathon, this was confessed by their officials.
The two brothers followed safety procedures that helped them to transfer bombs successfully and safely to the targeted location without attracting any attention. The Tsarnaevs made an excellent choice of placing IEDs. The first one was near the finish line where large crowds cheer from, reporters and media cameras gather to capture the final steps.
The second one exploded 50 -100 yards away and 13 seconds later from the first one. It was also in  the opposite direction of the racers, the direction the crowd is expected to run in reaction to the first explosion. It was definitely a smart plan to increase casualties among the kuffar, by putting them under a temporary siege by two sequential blasts..
The Tsarnaevs bombing tactic caused a quite wide-range blasting scene (15 blocks), which hardened and slowed down the mission of security services to collect evidence. Therefore the enemy had no choice but to shut down the whole area for several days.
In addition, many injuries were cuts from the glass blewn out of the marathon sports store in the bombings location. Doctors said "shrapnel was fragments from environment. Most fragments are "pellets" or "nail-like". Numerous nails and sharp objects were found in the injured.10, 20, 30 and 40 were in their bodies, some even more.
Then what?
One last important question remains; what can America and the west do to stop such lone jihad attacks in the future? I'll leave the answer to Michael Hayden, former director of the CIA and National Security Agency. The answer was given in "Fareed Zakaria GPS" program on CNN two weeks after the BBB.
Hayden says, "Now the question I ask the American public as an intelligence officer is, so what do you want me to do with my arm? I mean I can push it down a bit. I can buy you marginally more safety, but at what cost? At what cost in your privacy?
At what cost in your comfort, what cost in your convenience, at what cost in your commerce? I mean these are all very serious questions and the folks inside the American intelligence community will respond to the public. They'll do what you tell them to do. But as a citizen, my judgment is that's about where we want it to be. If you push this down much further, we do what I've said we haven't done to date, which is we begin to change our DNA as a free people."
He concludes, "Now, Fareed, the dark side of that is, as I said before, this is penalty kicks. This is going to happen. It's a level of risk that, I'm very disappointed to say, we're probably going to have to live with."

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