ROBOTEAM Introduces New Generation of PROBOT Tactical Multipurpose UGV

ROBOTEAM – a leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of innovative, highly intuitive, ruggedized unmanned systems for Defense, Homeland Security, and Public Safety forces – introduces its new generation of PROBOT® tactical multipurpose UGV at Defexpo India 2016. The new generation includes upgraded communications and navigation capabilities, higher carrying capacity, enhanced maneuverability, and a safety mechanism.

The PROBOT (Professional Robot) is the only tactical multipurpose platform designed for urban terrain and outdoor operations. Its unique abilities include carrying heavy payloads and a variety of add-ons while maintaining high speeds, outstanding maneuverability over various obstacles, low thermal signature and performance of semi-autonomous missions. It is extremely versatile and can carry up to 750kg., climb stairs and maneuver directly to a point of interest, even in confined areas, enhancing the capabilities and effectiveness of small ground forces. The PROBOT can work for 8 to 10 hours at a maximum distance of 38 Km under normal conditions.

The new generation PROBOT delivers significant upgrades. Carrying capacity has expanded to handle up to 10 fighter bags, enabled by a ruggedized rack. A new control unit (ROCU 1) allows short-distance navigation, and 5 day-and-night cameras provide 360? coverage for non-line-of-sight piloting. A new antenna upgrades communications with a control range of up to 1.5 kilometers. The antenna features a peer-to-peer mobile ad hoc network (MANET), low latency command and control, secure high bandwidth data (up to 40 Mbps), data & video transfer, multiple video streams, a 2.3-2.5 GHz frequency range, and FIPS 140-2 security. In the area of maneuverability, upgrades include front and rear bumpers in case of collisions, front and rear tails for preventing overturning, and new wheels that enable movement on any type of terrain.

According to Yosi Wolf, CO-CEO of ROBOTEAM, "The area of logistic robots holds great potential. These days, when soldiers are expected to carry more and more weight, the ideal solution is to simply move the load from the soldier to the robot by his side. The PROBOT system has been in use for several years by a number of customers with great success. We have worked together with our customers to make adjustments and upgrades to match PROBOT to their needs. At Defexpo, we are happy to present the new generation of PROBOT that implements today's most cutting-edge technologies."

ROBOTEAM, founded in 2009, is a fast-growing company that integrates its vast experience in the field with cutting-edge technologies. ROBOTEAM is a leader in the design, development and manufacturing of innovative, highly intuitive, ruggedized unmanned systems and controllers. The company has created a range of robotic platforms with multiple unique yet simple-to-use payloads, designed for numerous operational missions such as intelligence and surveillance (ISR), handling explosives (EOD), border patrol missions, search & rescue, law enforcement, and HAZMAT handling.


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