Rheinmetall at AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition 2017 – a proven transatlantic partner

Rheinmetall has been a proven partner of the US military for many years. At this year’s Annual Meeting & Exposition of the Association of the United States Army, Rheinmetall is showcasing a selection of its advanced, world class products and projects.

Visitors to the show can learn about Rheinmetall’s exceptional expertise in the world of advanced ammunition. For example, Rheinmetall supplies the 25mm x 137 medium-calibre frangible armour-piercing ammunition for the new F-35 Stealth Multirole Fighter.

Suitable for use against a wide set of targets, it is already in service with two NATO nations. Furthermore, Rheinmetall is highlighting its role as a globally leading supplier of 40mm technology. Examples here include its solutions in the low-, medium- and high-velocity ammunition spectrum, among them its programmable 40mm x 53 airburst round.

Fire control aiming units like the Vingmate FCS 4500 and the Multiray MR500 – a competitor in the US “Grenadier Sighting System” procurement project – round out the Group’s impressive array of 40mm products. Rheinmetall is also displaying its new VIM Vitra daylight camera, a proven means of upgrading the combat performance of existing remotely controlled weapon stations.

Additional examples of Rheinmetall expertise on show at AUSA include its force protection technology and network-enabled operations capabilities. Visitors can inspect the Group’s ROSY rapid smoke/obscurant system.

Rheinmetall will also be informing visitors about its active protection system (APS) offered by Rheinmetall company ADS at a time when the US Army is moving rapidly to field APS capabilities on European equipment sets.

ADS’ distributed APS system is among the most advanced, tested and safe systems in the world and offers distinct advantages in technical maturity and safety for dismounted infantry operating alongside armoured vehicles.

Rheinmetall will also be informing visitors about its role as general contractor in a joint venture competing for two major German Bundeswehr procurement projects: MoTaKo (German military shorthand for “Mobile Taktische Kommunikation” or mobile tactical communication) and MoTIV, which stands for “Mobiler Taktischer Informationsverbund” or mobile tactical information system).

The two projects are destined to form the backbone of the Bundeswehr’s future digital command and control system – “German Army 4.0”, as it were. “ Finally, Rheinmetall representatives will also engage participants about Rheinmetall’s world class air defense, tracked and wheeled vehicle, and simulation and training offerings from across Rheinmetall’s international businesses.


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