SELEX Sistemi Integrati, a Finmeccanica company, takes part to the 2011 edition of Le Bourget, which takes place from 20th to 26th June. The company attends the international exhibition with its state of the art products in the domain of large systems for defence and security, displayed into the Finmeccanica stand and visible in the static exhibition, into the stand itself and into the Integrated Capabilities Area (ICA).
Finmeccanica Static exhibition

In the area dedicated to the static exhibition of Finmeccanica, SELEX Sistemi Integrati displays a new radar, the LYRA 10 radar in mobile configuration, and mounted on vehicles. LYRA 10 is in fact on the  MOVIT system, the mobile unit of the maritime surveillance Italian system VTMS (Vessel Traffic Management System) and equips the LYRA on Lince, a light multirole vehicle for detection applications in operational activities.
In the static exhibition SELEX Sistemi Integrati presents the G33 antenna, painted in red, white and green on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Italian Unification.
Finmeccanica Stand
The utmost expression of the company competences in the Security and Defence domains is represented into an Integrated Capabilities Area (ICA), set into the Finmeccanica stand. Within the mentioned area, SELEX Sistemi Integrati shows its skills as system integrator of its own and the other Finmeccanica Group companies’ capabilities.
The management of three different Security and Defence operational missions is shown. The first area, dedicated to the demonstration of the multinational operational capabilities, the Joint and Combined Defence Operations Area, includes, among others, the SIACCON2 system and the Combat Management System (CMS), as installed into the Italian aircraft carrier Cavour; in the second area, the Homeland protection Area, it is possible to assist to a demonstration of the operational capabilities in the coastal and maritime domain, through the use of a border control system, realized with the coastal version of the RASS radar (RASS C), the LYRA 10, the LYRA 50, the MOVIT, and the electro optical sensor Medusa MK4/L; in the third area Securing Major Events, it is demonstrated the management of a big sports event through the Major Events Management System (MEMS) in which the company capabilities in this domain are shown.
Within the Finmeccanica stand there are also presented the main state of the art products which feature the offer of complex large systems. Within the Large Systems area there are, in fact, on show the Blue Shield system for air defence, theIntegrated Cyber Shield, for protecting critical infrastructures from cyber threats, the Blue and Green Border control, for the border control, Forza NEC, the Italian Armed Forces digitalization programme and the Turn-key airport, a system for the realization of global airports. Again in the same area, there is a corner reserved to the Innovation for Large Systems, in which a deterrence non lethal system, DESTO (Direct Electromagnetic STOpper) and TWR-S (Through the Wall radar), a radar able to “see” through the wall, are displayed. In the Defence and Security area there is on display the Anteo Defence, for the critical infrastructures protection and security. Into the Training and Support area SELEX Sistemi Integrati shows the T5 e Voice 4M equipments for the logistic support through virtual reality. Finally, in the Air Systems area the Mission Support System in the version for the Italian Military Air Force is presented.


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