Thales launches STAR NG, revolutionary new ATC radar with specific dual civil/military applications

STAR NG is an S-Band Primary Surveillance Radar (PSR) which can perform all the operational primary surveillance requirements of both civil and military air traffic control. The technological breakthroughs developed for the STAR NG allow the radar to address some of the key challenges of the industry.

Most notably the system provides increased mitigation of windfarms, as well drastically reducing the impact on operational performance caused by the noise of 4G networks. STAR NG is ideally suited to the specific needs of dual military civilian applications, as it has a spectrum of military capabilities no civilian radar possesses, namely, the ability to detect both slow and fast moving targets such as helicopters and fighters as well as very small targets such as UAVs.

It also possesses anti-jamming functions, and has the ability to provide altimetry information. The development of STAR NG makes it unparalleled in the market. It has the most efficient detection range in the world for its power output as well as the best resolution and capacity to detect a target in a clutter environment.

Because of its new generation technology, STAR NG also makes a better use of materials and energy as the most compact solution in the world, with the lowest energy consumption. All of which translates into a system which is easier to adapt to the site environment, easier to maintain and with lowest cost of operation. Today, a new star is born: STAR NG!


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