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DefesaNet flight tested India’s new fighter. Our test pilot pushed Dassault’s fighter jet to her limits, and here ‘le Commandant Vianney’ shares his impressions. Read it, enjoy it, and take your own conclusions if Rafale is worth every Rupee paid for it.

Nota DefesaNet

Por ocasião da celebração do contrato do Rafale para a Força Aérea da Índia DefesaNet ública uma matéria especial com os últimos avanços e capacitações do caça da casa Dassault Aviation.

Matéria na íntegra na seção em inglês:

O Editor

by Vianney Gonçalves, Jr
 Test Pilot / Aerospace & Defence Analyst

The present flight test focus on actual capabilities of the Dassault Rafale, which fits the AESA radar RBE2, and advanced MWS (warning of approaching missiles,) and complete incorporated FSO, (suite of optical sensors). Our evaluations follow from the planning of the mission to the digital debriefing, all recorded and analyzed with the support of telemetry during all missions.



I would like to express my gratitude to:

Nelson Düring, editor-in-chief for DefesaNet;
Jean-Marc Merialdo, then director of Dassault International in Brazil;
Éric Trappier, CEO of Dassault Aviation;
Pierre-Cyril Delanglade, Dassault Deputy Vice-President Rafale Aircraft;
Général (R) Hervé Longuet, Dassault CEO Adviser;
Stéphane Fort, Vice-President of Corporate Communication of Dassault;
Nathalie Bakhos, Dassault Head of Export Military Communication;
Christophe de Pauw, Dassault Operational Adviser;
François-Xavier Garot, Dassault Experimental Test Pilot;
Frédéric Boeckler, Dassault Flight Test Engineer;
Pierre Royer, Dassault International Programme Manager.

Without your confidence, support, straightforwardness and open-minded attitude this evaluation would never be possible, and more than this, to be as independent as it did get. Also, thanks to you it could be published in more than 20 countries, find its way to the Web and reached so many people, including government authorities, military pilots, enthusiasts, and AvGeeks all around the globe.

Many thanks to Yves Pagot and Bruno Etchenic, Editors of Portail-Aviation, for sharing relevant information, and for encouraging a legion of fans in France, Canada and India to follow our evaluations.

I pay my special tribute to Peter James Collins, a first-class test pilot, who flight tested a previous version of the Rafale, and produced an outstanding piece for Flight International. FLOWN THAT!

Merci Beaucoup !

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