Coup D´Military – Where are the Military coups born

Where are the Military coups born
History has many examples of how large regional countries are interfering in the political processes of other countries in order to spread their influence and control on natural resources. The main features of such intervention are military coups with the forcible seizure of political power and change of the leadership. Unfortunately, the countries of the African region, such as Liberia, Nigeria, CAR, Uganda, Guinea and Zimbabwe, have not escaped such examples. More recent examples include Sudan and Mali.

All military coups in the countries of the African region have internal and external factors. Undoubtedly, internal factors are socio-economic instability, which leads to numerous demonstrations and rallies. Equally important, however, is the foreign policy context, which is the desire of large regional countries to increase expansion in Africa, helping the countries of the continent politically, financially and openly supporting them by military assets. Russia has been interfering in the internal and foreign policies of the African countries since 2018, having previously carried out similar military coups in Ukraine and trying to carry them out in the Republic of Belarus today. In August this year, President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander LUKASHENKO accused Russia not only of interfering in the country's presidential election, but also of illegally sending Russian militants of the private military company Wagner, who are part of Russia's hybrid troops, a mercenaries of the Russian special forces and intelligence. According to the President of the Republic of Belarus, Wagner's mercenaries were send to destabilize the situation in the country before and during the elections. Russia's aggressive actions have also been condemned by the top US leadership.

Russia's active interference in the events in Sudan and Mali is also notorious. In 2019, acting President of Sudan Omar Al-BASHIR, who is actively supported by Russian President Vladimir PUTIN, had been dismissed in a military coup. The world media claimed that the same mercenaries of the Russian private military company Wagner, whom Russia now widely uses as an element of a hybrid war in African countries, took an active part in the suppression of anti-government sentiment on the Sudanese president side. Some facts also indicate that the military, that seized power in Sudan, had been trained in Russia in the past. That is why there is a suspicion that the military coup in Sudan took place exactly according to the Russian scenario.

In August 2020, a military coup also took place in the Republic of Mali. After forcing the acting President KEITA to resign, the country is now run by the so-called "Comité National pour le Salut du Peuple" (CNSP). It is well-known that the leaders of the CNSP, who carried out a military coup in the Republic of Mali, were recently trained in military institutes of the Russian Armed Forces. An additional evidence, that may indicate Russia's involvement in the coup in the Republic of Mali, is the meeting of Russian Ambassador to Mali GROMYKO with the rebels on August 21, 2020 in Kati. During the meeting, they discussed Russia's assistance to the rebels, as well as the prospects for increasing bilateral relations.

Indisputable facts indicate that the Russian impact on the military coups in Sudan and the Republic of Mali is aimed to consolidate the status of the main and only military and economic partner among African countries, followed by unrestricted access to their natural resources. Is there any confidence today that the wave of military coups in Africa will not affect our country, which is rich in natural resources?


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