Rostec at Le Bourget 2015

Rostec corporation will display at the 51st International Paris Air Show the full range of newest Russian aircrafts, a unique engine and air defense systems.

At the show, Russian industrial manufacturers will discuss joint projects implementation with European colleagues and have a series of meetings with partners from the Asia Pacific and Latin America.

Rostec’s delegation scheduled a busy commercial program. Special attention will be paid to European partners which have been in mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation with, in particular, Rosoboronexport for many years.

Russia is represented at the show by Rostec’s subsidiary holdings Rosoboronexport, Russian Helicopters, VSMPO-AVISMA, Technodinamika and United Engine Corporation (UEC). The surface area of united Russian display will be about 1,115 sq. m.

Rostec will display at the show the new versions of Russian aircraft industry including multirole 4++ generation fighter jet MiG-35, attack helicopters Ka-52 Alligator and Mi-28NE, the newest version of Russian heavy helicopter Mi-26T2 and civil transport helicopter Mi-171A2 in VIP modification. Also, in France engine AL-41F1C (Item 117C) will be displayed, manufactured by UEC.

That unique power plant is used at Russian fighter aircraft 4++ Su-35 being a transition form to engines of the fifth generation aircrafts. Also, visitors will be able to see Russian air defense systems Panstir-S1 and MANPADS Igla-S.

“Le Bourget is a benchmark for the Russian aviation. Our county has been demonstrating the achievements in aircraft industry since 1936 and has always been warmly met by the French public and European professionals of aircraft industry”, said first deputy general director of Rostec Corporation Vladimir Artyakov, heading Rostec’s delegation.

Also, the head of the delegation stated that Le Bourget is a fine site for promotion of Russian products on strategic markets outside the EU.

It is planned to discuss with French company Turbomeca some cooperation issues regarding joint development of turboshaft engines, manufacturing cooperation and post-sale engine maintenance system.

At the scheduled meeting with Safran company, negotiations will be held on the development of SaM-146 program, manufacturing engine components CFM-56/LEAP and establishment of repair works for CFM-56.

With Nacelle Systems Consultancy, there will be negotiations on implementation of works on designing nacelle systems for PD-14 engine which that company was doing under the agreement signed with UEC a year ago.

With Indian company HAL, general cooperation development issues will be discussed including those in the sphere of repair and supply of spare parts under military-technical cooperation. Besides, a meeting with mission from the government of Brazilian Minas Gerais state was planned to discuss cooperation development in maintenance of aircraft engines and supply of power gas-turbine units.


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