Panhard General Defense to deliver PVP to Romanian Army

On May 18-21, Panhard General Defense received a delegation from the Romanian Ministry of Defense coming to take delivery of its last batch of 6 PVP light armored vehicles intended for the Romanian Army.

With more than 1,200 vehicles in service in the French Army, the PVP built by  Panhard General Defense is also an export success.

In service in several countries (France, Chile, Togo and Romania), the PVP is a 4×4, airtransportable, light armored vehicle available in several versions: communications / command, personnel carrier, pick-up or law enforcement.

Its good mobility, its agility in confined environments (urban or mountain) and its NATO level 2 armor make it a vehicle well suited for current operations. The Romanian Ministry of Defense bought 16 vehicles in 2012, and the purpose of this visit was to take delivery of its last batch of 6 PVPs.

It also gave the visiting military delegation an opportunity to give Panhard General Defense teams their positive impressions of the vehicles already in service.

The LAORV version specific to the Romanian Army offers a number of new developments. In addition to its STANAG level 2 ballistic protection, it provides STANAG level 2A anti-blast protection. The vehicle can be operated in climatic zones varying from -32°C to +50°C.

As the vehicles are subsequently fitted out by the Romanian company CSR for carrying out area and perimeter control missions, they will then be ready to join an international projection force under the auspices of the United Nations or NATO.

VOLVO GROUP GOVERNMENTAL SALES is in charge of Defense, Security activities and Emergency services within the Volvo Group, with the following brands: RENAULT TRUCKS Defense, ACMAT Defense, PANHARD Defense, VOLVO Defense and MACK Defense. VOLVO GROUP GOVERNMENTAL SALES is a leading player in the field of wheeled military and security vehicles.

RENAULT TRUCKS Defense, one of three participants in the Joint Venture (GME) which was awarded the Scorpion contract by the Minister of Defense on 5 December 2014, is to participate in the development of the French Army's new generation of front-line vehicles Griffon and Jaguar. RENAULT TRUCKS Defense is in particular responsible for supplying the powertrains for these two vehicles, and for providing the whole supply chain for the spare parts and components of the Scorpion program.


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