Israel Aerospace Industries Wins Three Avionic Upgrade Tenders in South Korea, Worth Approximately U$ 50 Million

January 4, 2021 – Israel Aerospace Industries' (IAI) Aviation Group won three avionic upgrade contracts worth approximately $50 million in South Korea, in 2020. The win includes three different aircraft types used by the Korean Air Force.

The avionic upgrade process includes converting a used aircraft and retrofitting it with all or part of the avionic systems with new and advanced systems. The result is an aircraft with advanced performance, capable of meeting the challenges of modern military or civilian aviation.

IAI EVP and General Manager of Aviation Group, Yosef (Yossi) Melamed:

“The recent tenders won in South Korea reflects the Korean Defense Minister’s confidence in IAI's Aviation Group. The Aviation Group seeks to expand its operations in South Korea, both as a supplier and as a client. Recently, we relocated to South Korea the wings’ assembly line for our G280 business jet. We anticipate more collaborations and deals down the road.”

IAI’s Aviation Group consolidate IAI’s manned aircraft operations, civilian and military, under one roof. As Israel's aviation home, the Aviation Group is responsible for MRO, jet airplanes, passenger into cargo conversions, avionic assemblies and structures, aircraft refurbishment, and more.


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