Elbit Systems to Showcase DJHMCS Capabilities at Paris Air Show 2015

DJHMCS is provided by RCEVS, a joint venture with Rockwell Collins, and is an upgraded, plug-and-play, Helmet Mounted Display system that offers advanced video and color capabilities in both day and night missions

At the 2015 Airshow, Elbit Systems will showcase in its booth the Digital Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (DJHMCS), an RCEVS system.

DJHMCS is an improved helmet mounted display (HMD) system, incorporating new technology, developed for commercial aviation, into the operationally-proven JHMCS. With the DJHMCS, pilots can benefit from advanced video and color capabilities in both day and night missions, using a modern, lightweight, well-balanced digital HMD system. DJHMCS provides an improved HMD Center of Gravity (CG) and balance, thus reducing neck strains.

A plug and play system, with minimal installation requirements and the ability to operate with the aircraft's current tracker, software and electronics unit, DJHMCS can replace any legacy JHMCS equipment with no aircraft modifications required.

The legacy JHMCS was launched in 2000 and is in service with over 20 air forces around the world.

Successful F-15 flight evaluation of DJHMCS was performed recently at the Boeing Test and Evaluation facility in Palmdale, California.


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