Brazil and Sweden come to terms on Gripen NG project

Brazil and Sweden have come to even terms for the signature of the financing contract for the Gripen NG project. The deal regarding the interest rates was conducted by the Brazilian Minister of Defense, Jaques Wagner, during a meeting with representatives of the Swedish Export Credit Corporation (SEK) today (29th).

Now that negotiations are over between the parties, the next step for the contract is going through the legal channels in order to be approved by the Brazilian Senate.

“We managed to establish an agreement on the interest rate at the date the contract is to be signed. This is beneficial for both nations in consolidating this strategic partnership”, said Wagner.

About the Gripen NG

In the end of 2013, Brazil chose the Gripen fighter jet to reequip the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), and in 2014 the country signed the acquisition contract. The Air Force will receive 36 aircrafts from Swedish company Saab. The first unit should be delivered by 2019, and the last by 2024. More than just the fighters, the Gripen NG project is about technology. The contract assures states that Brazilian pilots and maintenance personnel will be trained in Sweden, logistic support will also be provided and the aircraft technology will be transferred to the Brazilian industry complex.

Acquiring these jets means more than just increase the operational capability of our Air Force. Through an ambitious technology transfer program, Brazil plans to go from buyer to provider of next-generation combat aircrafts.

The deal with Sweden establishes that 15 of the 36 units will be manufactured in Brazil, including eight fighters with two seats – a model designed especially for FAB.

Brazil’s participation in developing this program will give our aeronautics industry access do all levels of technology, including the Gripen source-codes. The technology transfer initiative also comprises hardware integration, avionics, software and aircraft systems.


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