Argentinian Army delegation visits Armored Vehicle Instruction Center in Santa Maria – RS

Versão em português

On June 17th, the Armored Vehicle Instruction Center (CI Bld, in Portuguese), in the city of Santa Maria – Rio Grande do Sul estate, was visited by a delegation of Argentinian Army officers. They took part in the First Coordination Meeting for Operation Guarani – 2016, along with the Brazilian Army’s 1st Mechanized Cavalry Brigade.
After the formal reception by Lancer Guards, the Argentinean officers attended a lecture at the CI Bld’s auditorium given by Lieutenant-Colonel Marcio Gondim Eickhoff. After that, the delegation was taken on a tour of the base’s driveways, garages and training simulators.

The guests received detailed information on research and projects developed at the CI Bld facilities. Members of other civilian and military agencies and institutions were also present for this briefing.

The following Brazillian and Argentinian Army officers took part on the activities:

– General Douglas Bassoli Brigade – Commander of the 1st Mechanized Cavalry Brigade;
– Brigade General Brigade Benvenutti Fabio Castro – Commander of the 6th Armored Infantry Brigade;
– Brigade General Former Argentine Javier Antonio Perez Aquino – Commander of Monte Brigade XII;
– Former Argentine Coonel. Mario Dalle Nogare – G-3 / Command Monte Brigade XII;
– Colonel Manuel Eduardo Lamas – GDOD

The CI Bld

CI Bld (Centro Instrução de Blindados –  Armored Training Center), “General Walter Pires”, is a Brazilian Army capacitation and training institution that aims to capacitate Brazilian and friendly nations military personnel in armored and mechanized means, how to operate them, as well as the tactical use of these veichles.

The CIBld was first based in Rio de Janeiro – RJ and kept part of the area where the former Military School of Realengo used to be – The site now is home of the command center of the 5th Armored Cavalry Brigade. On August 28, 1997, the CI Bld was transferred to the Barracks (QBld) facilities. The complex now comprises of three Army units: the Armored Veichle Training Center, the 1st Combat Cars Regiment and 3rd Combat Cars Regiment.

On November 5th,2004, after being transferred to Santa Maria – RS, the Center began operating in its new headquarters located at the Army Avenue, right beside the Santa Maria Instruction Field, which comes in handy for the technical and tactical exercises performed once a year by the Centre.


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