Russia’s Typhoon Armored Vehicles to Finish Operational Testing in 2015

Russia's Ministry of Defense will decide on the mass production of Typhoons following the trials, Aleksey Purtov added.

"Our main priority is saving lives of soldiers. Our new Typhoon armored vehicle, which took part in the Victory Day parade this year, is fully protected. At the moment, the Typhoon undergoes testing with the Russian Armed Forces. The trials will end this year and we surely hope the armored vehicle will enter mass production," Aleksey Purtov said.

The Typhoon is a multifunctional, armored, mine-resistant vehicle family, designed and produced by an array of participants since 2010, including KAMAZ. This vehicle was made under the 2020 concept for the development of military vehicles and first unveiled in late 2013.

The Typhoon (also sometimes spelled as Taifun) is primarily meant for carrying troops and cargo but can also be customized for communication, reconnaissance, drone launching and other purposes.

KAMAZ is one of the leading heavy truck and diesel engines manufacturers globally and the biggest in Russia.


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