Thales – Protecting airports from cyber attackers

At the Paris Air Show this year, Thales is demonstrating some of its latest innovations in the field of critical information system security. One of the demonstrations is centred on the Cybels solution and shows how information and communication systems can be protected effectively in a setting as critical as an airport.

Cybels anticipates, detects and reacts to cyber threats to provide security protection for all kinds of critical IT systems. In an airport setting, it displays a comprehensive picture of routine operations, prioritises information and provides a range of decision-support functions for operators. If a cyber attack happens, the most appropriate response can be triggered immediately.

A modular, scalable solution

Cybels is a modular solution that optimises IT system supervision resources, with probes installed at the most sensitive points of the critical information system. It helps customers analyse network traffic and step up security if need be. It detects malicious behaviour and determines where it is coming from, then collects evidence to help investigators identify the attackers. If a cyber attack happens, technical responses are not enough — operators also need to guarantee business continuity and take all the human and legal ramifications into account. Cybels is a comprehensive solution that encompasses every aspect of cyber protection and response.

A complete operational picture on a single display

The Cybels demonstration highlights the Thales value proposition in the cybersecurity market. The use case selected for the Paris Air Show shows the solution deployed in an Airport Operation Control Centre (AOCC), with a dynamic graphical user interface showing the most relevant information about the impact of a cyberattack on the various airport operations. Cybels provides precious decision support to airport system administrators as well as helping them trigger the most appropriate technical responses in a timely fashion. 

The Cybels solution uses data fusion techniques to bring AOCC operators information from all the different sensors installed in the airport, including boarding pass control systems. The data is processed in real time to provide a complete operational picture and anticipates risk levels so that operators remain in control of the situation at all times.


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