PROSUB – Jaques Wagner visits DCNS, Cherbourg

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PROSUB – Jaques Wagner visita a DCNS em Cherbourg Link

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During his official visit to France, Jaques Wagner, Brazilian Defence Minister, visited the DCNS Cherbourg site on the 11th of May 2015. He took the opportunity of seeing for himself the installations of one of the major French industries presently working on Brazilian defence contracts.

Defense Minister Jaques Wagner and  Hervé Guillou,
Chairman and CEO of DCNS.

After being welcomed by Hervé Guillou, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of DCNS, Jaques Wagner visited the workshops where part of this important strategic programme aimed at strengthening the Brazilian navy is taking place. The visit also included meeting the Brazilian teams participating in this programme at Cherbourg, and who benefit from training given by DCNS in the framework of the contract.
The contract between DCNS and the Brazilian navy, signed in 2009, covers the design, production and technology transfer required for four Scorpène type conventional submarines, and the design assistance and production of the non-nuclear part of the first Brazilian nuclear powered submarine, including support for construction of a naval base and a naval construction site.
During this visit, illustrating the strategic partnership signed between Brazil and France, DCNS reaffirmed its long term undertaking to carrying out the programme. The confidence of the Brazilian Navy proves the high technological value of DCNS as well as the overseas competitiveness of the Group. This programme confirms the ability of DCNS to implement innovative partnerships serving international clients and within the framework of supervised technology transfers.


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