Police seize $3.8 million in Venezuelan currency in Rio slum

Douglas Corrêa

Rio police seized a large amount of Venezuelan bolivars in Caju, a slum in the port area of Rio. According to police officers, about 40 million bolívares—equivalent to $3.8 million at the current exchange rate—were in suitcases hidden in two stolen cars. Police raided the slum following an anonymous report.

There were shootouts with local drug dealers, but nobody was arrested or injured. The vehicles and the money were taken to the police station.

According to Police Chief André Neves, who led the operation, police have not decided whether the bills should be counted at the police station with expert supervision or sent to the Federal Police Superintendency in Rio.

The officers stored the money in a room and are awaiting higher orders. They suspect the money to be linked to drug trafficking, but further investigation is needed to find out where the money was going because of the unusual amount.


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