ABIMDE presents 60 companies at FIDAE 2016

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ABIMDE apresenta 60 empresas para a FIDAE 2016 Link

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The Brazilian Defense and Security Industry Association (ABIMDE) is present once more at the 2016 International Air & Space Show (FIDAE) in the Brazilian Pavilion. The event is being held from March 29 to April 3 in Santiago, Chile.

In partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Agency (APEX-BRAZIL) and the support of the Ministry of Defense, ABIMDE and the Brazilian Aerospace Cluster (CECOMPI) will be coordinating the event, which hosts 60 companies from the Defense Industrial Base (BID). Those companies will present their products and new technologies, and also benefit from the opportunity of getting new business contracts in the international market.   

FIDAE is one of the main venues for those wishing to invest in the Defense and Security business. The event has been organized for over 35 years, gathering exhibitors and potential partners from all five continents. The main goal of Brazilian entrepreneurs is networking with the aforementioned companies and government representatives.

The 60 companies integrating the Sector Project ABIMDE-APEX, which facilitates the exposure of BID services and products abroad, have exported altogether an average US$ 4 billion in 2014. That accounts for 90% of Brazilian exports in the Defense and Security sector. From that total, US$ 2.4 billion refer to high tech products. 

"Taking companies to events such as FIDAE, in Chile, is a great opportunity. ABIMDE, with the support of APEX BRAZIL, has encouraged companies to join us in the Brazilian Pavilion to promote high-tech products. We are in the event along with CECOMPI companies to showcase the best Brazil has to offer. The products carry a warranty by the Ministry of Defense, which is also present in the event,” explains Carlos Afonso Pierantoni Gambôa, the executive vice-president of ABIMDE.

According to Gambôa, FIDAE is regarded as the first step for exporting products and services related to defense and security, and the South America market is the first step for domestic businesses to expand their reach beyond Brazilian borders with partnerships based on UNASUL.

The potential scope for business deals includes radars, non-lethal guns, training aircrafts, simulation systems, cyber protection, missiles, military aviation, surveillance ships, and armored vehicles, among others.

"ABIMDE seeks to promote research and initiatives that allow us to view with clarity the actions that can be proposed to the government for enhancing the competitiveness and exports of Brazilian products. We are already paving the path for that. Visit the Brazil Pavillion at 2016 FIDAE. Along with our hospitality, we will show our abilities and creativity,” says Pierantoni.


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