June 07, 2016 - 09:00 ( Brasília )


The RTD VAB MARK 3, with 90 mm turret gun

RENAULT TRUCKS Defense will next week be presenting its VAB Mark 3 equipped with CMI 90 mm turret gun at the Eurosatory exhibition.

Developed using internal funding, and benefiting from 40 years of experience with the VAB range, this is a 20-tonne 6x6 equipped with a 340 - 400 hp engine and automatic gearbox, capable of speeds of up to 105 kph.

Transporting two crew members and six troop passengers in the 90 mm version presented, it is capable of taking part in infantry combat missions (support and reconnaissance, zone control) and benefits from ballistics and mine protection (Stanag 4569 NATO) meeting today's high standards of crew protection.

Its generous stock of 90 mm munitions makes it a lasting presence in the theater of operations.

Equipped with Battlenet Inside, it receives all the modern information and communications systems required by a combat crew and for the command of a unit on operations.

Fully certified for mass production, it is currently being manufactured for several export clients.