August 06, 2015 - 17:00 ( Brasília )


Brazilian Minister of Defense watches Army’s artillery exercise

Versão português

The Brazilian Army will use anti-aircraft artillery to protect strategic facilities during the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

The information was given by Minister of Defense, Joaquim Wagner, yesterday (5th) during a firing exercise at the Formosa training field in Goiás state, about 80km from Brasilia. “The Army is equipped with the most modern weapons. These anti-aircraft batteries are at our disposal in order to protect facilities during the Olympic Games”, the minister said.
Wagner arrived at the training field along with Army commander, general Eduardo Dias Villas Bôas and commanders of the Plateau Division, general Racine Bezerra Lima Filho and Southwest Division, general João Camilo Pires de Campos, and also secretary for the Minister of Defense, Eva Chiavon and Defense Products secretary, Murilo Barboza. Officers from the Navy, Army and Air Force were present during Minister Wagner’s statement.

After going through the equipment exhibition, which included missiles and radars, the Minister went to the field itself, where firing exercises were performed with SS40 missiles. After that, there was a demonstration of the surface-air IGLA-S system, made in Russia, and the German-made Gepard tank.

Wagner highlighted the fact that all weapons displayed will be used as deterring agents during the Olympics, and also emphasized the importance of defense products and defense industry, which, usually, can serve civilian fields as well.

The Minister also saw for the first time de Saber radar system and learned more details about the air defense projected developed by the Army and considered strategic by Commander Vilas Bôas. Throughout this week, about 700 troops from many air defense artillery brigades from all over Brazil will take part in the maneuvers at the Formosa training field.