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Embraer Defense & Security will consolidate Savis and Bradar operations

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EMBRAER Defesa & Segurança Consolida Operações da SAVIS e BRADAR Link

São José dos Campos, Brazil, March 2nd – EMBRAER Defense & Security will consolidate the operations of two of its subsidiaries, SAVIS Tecnologias e Sistemas S.A. and BRADAR Indústria S.A. The decision aims to maximize value for employees, customers and shareholders.

SAVIS is dedicated to developing, designing, integrating and deploying systems and services for border monitoring applications as well as for the protection of strategic structures. Bradar is a technology-based company specialized in the development and production of radars for applications in defense, security and remote sensing (SAR).
SAVIS, through its distinct systems integration capabilities, and BRADAR, with its technological development capabilities, have joined efforts in the execution of complex projects. Together, they form the Consortium TEPRO, which is responsible for implementing the SISFRON (Integrated Border Monitoring System) in Brazil.

The union of these skills will offer integrated solutions with great potential for the domestic and foreign markets, contributing to the diversification of Embraer Defense & Security's customer base and the expansion of its products and services portfolio.

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Previously in January EMBRAER Defense & Security announced the finnish of HARPIA company. A joint Venture with AEL Sistems (Subsidiary ELBIT) and AVIBRAS for Drones development.

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HARPIA – Dissolução e Sobrevivência na Selva da Defesa Link

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