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KC-390 - EMBRAER promotes SAR version in Canada

Embraer promotes KC-390 military transport for search and rescue missions at the Canadian Aerospace Summit 2015

Ottawa, Canada, November 17, 2015 – Embraer is attending the 2015 Canadian Aerospace Summit, which takes place November 17-18 at the Shaw Center, in Ottawa, Canada. The Company is located at Booth 527 and is promoting the KC-390 tactical transport aircraft for search and rescue missions in Canada.

The KC-390 is designed to set new standards in its category, while presenting the lowest life-cycle cost of the market and the ability to perform multiple missions such as transport and airdrop of troops and cargo, search and rescue (SAR), medical evacuation, aerial refueling and firefighting among others. Some of its features make the KC-390 the ideal aircraft for the scenario of SAR operations in Canada:


• High speed cruise, low speed flying capability;
• Long range and flying endurance;
• SAR ready from initial concept;
• High availability and low life-cycle cost.

“The KC-390 was designed to perform search and rescue missions in the most demanding environments since its conceptual stage. Therefore we are confident that this aircraft fully meets the operational requirements of the Royal Canadian Air Force.”, said Jackson Schneider, President and CEO of Embraer Defense and Security.
For this type of mission, the sooner you get to the search area, higher are the chances of success and the KC-390 is a turbofan aircraft what makes it the fastest fixed wing SAR aircraft in this category. Having been developed to airdrop troops and cargo, and also to refuel helicopters, the KC-390 wing design is very well suited to long endurance and low speed SAR missions.
Latest generation avionics, electro-optic/infrared and radar sensors, full compatibility with night vision goggles add to the aircraft's capability to perform SAR over land or sea. State of the art full fly-by-wire technology makes the aircraft easy to fly allowing the crew to focus on the mission. Internal cabin space can fit all gear required for search mission and fast reconfiguration allows the plane to act as a fast transport for injured victims, with litters and life support equipment.

The KC-390 also takes advantage of Embraer´s proven experience on the commercial aircraft, with more than 85 airlines from over 50 countries, to bring to the military and SAR environments unprecedented reliability and availability numbers, while assuring the robustness that the military need. 


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