October 22, 2015 - 10:00 ( Brasília )


Saab Awarded for Contributions to South Korean Protection

Defence and security company Saab received an award from the Republic of Korea Army for immaculate performance of its Arthur weapon-locating radar systems and seamless on-ground support and collaboration during border crisis with adversaries.

Republic of Korea Army has awarded special appreciation to Saab for ensuring uninterrupted support and maintenance services for Arthur weapon-locating systems during a military crisis event in conflict zone. As a service provider, Saab stood ground with the army and collaborated on site during the conflict. In its award to Saab, the Republic of Korea Army recognised the services and commitment from Saab and expressed its gratitude for the same.

South Korea has deployed Saab’s Arthur weapon-locating radar system to detect incoming enemy artillery 24/7 and give residents an enhanced 90 second warning of incoming fire. The Arthur systems monitor target areas of interest across the borders. Arthur can scan 90 degrees of the northern horizon at a speed of nano seconds, and it can pinpoint an object the size of a coin from distances of up to 60 km. It has the ability to rapidly detect incoming artillery fire and can calculate the firing site and point of impact, enabling effective counterfire to take place within a few seconds.

With international borders only 56 km away from South Korea’s capital Seoul, Saab’s Arthur weapon-locating radar systems are active 24/7 to keep citizens safe and protected. Saab ensures an on-ground presence of support and maintenance staff for round-the-clock maintenance of the radar system and required training of operators. The local support team is futher supplemented with a resourceful back-office team in Gothenburg, Sweden, ensuring an unhindered 24/7 functioning of the surveillance systems.

“South Korea is Saab’s largest purchaser of Arthur. We are honoured by the recognition awarded to our services by the Republic of Korea Army.  We are committed to supporting the Republic of Korea in maintaining secure borders with future ready defence and security solutions”, says Håkan Borin, Country Manager, Saab South Korea.