January 15, 2021 - 09:10 ( Brasília )

German Army buys 3rd generation IVECO protected trucks

IVECO Defence Vehicles supplies 3rd generation of protected military GTF-8x8 (ZLK 15t) trucks to the Bundeswehr

On January 2021 the German Bundeswehr – represented by BAAINBw (Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support) – has awarded IVECO Defence Vehicles a frame contract for the supply of up to 1.048 military Trakker trucks to be delivered in 2021 - 2028.

The project will start with an initial fixed batch of 224 units of 8x8 vehicles from the IVECO Defence militarized Trakker range, which will be supplied in five different configurations prepared for 20” - ISO-container-transport, some with hydraulic cranes and winch systems, and represents another new milestone and consequent next step in the GTF-family of the German Army.

All vehicles fulfill the most modern EURO-6-emission-level (still ready for single-fuel-operation) and will be supplied with a protected cab which currently offers among the best-in-class levels of ballistic, mine, NBC- and IED protection. These cabs also provide the users with a high level of crew comfort and are designed to accommodate a variety of modern military communication and command systems.

Over the last years, Iveco Defence Vehicles has delivered around 2.000 vehicles from its wide product range to the German Army, including protected customized versions (e.g. GTF 8x8 batch 1 and 2, TEP-90, STW-8x8, Tipper-8x8, Sideloader-8x8, ISO-container-transport-8x8 and Tractor-6x6), which have already been extensively fielded in operational theatres.

IVECO Defence Vehicles is proud to continue its solid partnership with the German Army for the years to come.


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