Submarines require precise, high-performance navigation and detection systems for surface surveillance missions, during long-term submersion, and in combat situations. Based on its experience in inertial navigation and optronics, Safran Electronics & Defense offers reliable, tried and tested solutions that are effective both on the open sea and close to shore.

The ring-laser-gyro inertial navigation system, Sigma 40 XP, developed by Safran Electronics & Defense for submarines, improves their submerged endurance thanks to precise, discreet, safe navigation. This compact, modular solution transmits heading and position data to crew members and combat systems with an extremely high degree of precision.

For key functions of navigation, self-defense, aiming and intelligence, Safran offers a full range of optronics systems: penetrating periscopes, optronics masts and non-penetrating radar masts.

This high-performance upgradeable equipment adapts to all types of new and retrofit submarines (conventional, nuclear and ballistic missile). Safran optronics and navigation systems are already in use in many navies (Triomphant, Améthyste, Scorpène, Rubin Kilo, Collins, U209, KSS-III, etc.), and are to be included in French Barracuda-class attack submarines.


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