Embraer Delivers 1,000th E-Jet

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São José dos Campos, Brazil, September 13, 2013– Embraer delivered the 1,000th E-Jet production aircraft today during a ceremony held at the Company’s headquarters in São José dos Campos. The E175 was handed over to Republic Airlines, a subsidiary of Republic Airways Holdings Inc., which will operate the aircraft on behalf of American Eagle. The delivery is part of Republic’s order for 47 E175s that was announced at the beginning of 2013.  The contract also includes options to buy another 47 aircraft.

“This is truly a remarkable milestone given that we delivered 1,000 airplanes in less than ten years,” said Frederico Curado, President & CEO of Embraer S.A. “This makes Embraer E-Jets among the most successful aircraft programs in the history of commercial aviation. We share this achievement with all of our customers, suppliers and especially our Embraer employees.”

Embraer’s relationship with Republic dates back to 1999 when Chautauqua Airlines, also a subsidiary of Republic Airways Holdings, took delivery of its first ERJ 145 in the livery of US Airways Express. In 2008, Republic also received the 400th production E-Jet.

“Congratulations from the 6,500 employees of Republic Airways to the 18,000 employees of our good friends at Embraer on this significant milestone,” said Republic Chairman, President and CEO, Bryan Bedford. “Our relationship with Embraer spans nearly 15 years and covers nearly every commercial jet product produced in San José dos Campos. We are thrilled to be able to celebrate this particular achievement with our very good friends.”

“We are extremely proud to deliver this jet to our friends at Republic Airways, a company that has been a huge part of our success and the operator of the largest fleet of E-Jets in the world,” said Paulo Cesar Silva, President & CEO, Embraer Commercial Aviation. “Republic is here today representing all of our other customers who have added E-Jets to their fleets over the years. To them, I extend my sincere thanks for their support and for sharing our vision to introduce an airplane family that has made such an enormous contribution to our industry.”

The E-Jets family entered revenue service in 2004 when the first aircraft was delivered to LOT Polish Airlines. Currently, E-Jets are flying with 65 airlines from 45 countries. In June of this year, Embraer launched the second generation of the E-Jets family – E-Jets E2 – the first of which is slated to enter service in 2018.

Embraer E-Jets currently hold a 50% market share and account for 62% of deliveries in the segment of jets with capacity up to 130 seats. Since January 2013, Embraer has received more than 330 firm orders for both current-generation E-Jets and the E2s.

Embraer is the only manufacturer to develop a modern family of four airplanes specifically targeted for the 70 to 130-seat segment. Since the formal launch of the program in 1999, E-Jets have redefined the traditional concept of regional aircraft by operating in range of business applications. Today, E-Jets are flying with mainline carriers, low-cost and regional airlines, and tour companies.

With an average mission completion rate of 99.9% and seven million flight cycles, the fleet of E-Jets recently reached the 10 million flight hour milestone. More than 460 million passengers have flown on Embraer E-Jets. In addition to their proven reliability, E-Jets have a strategically-located global network of customer support and services with 34 MRO centers, 11 of which are authorized and 23 are independent.

About the Embraer Family of E-Jets

The Embraer family of E-Jets consists of four commercial jets with 70 to 122 seats, featuring advanced engineering design, efficient performance, outstanding operating economics, low emissions levels and a spacious cabin without middle seats (2×2). E-Jets have a maximum cruise speed of Mach 0.82, can fly at 41,000 feet (12,500 meters) and have ranges of up to 2,400 nautical miles (4,450 kilometers).

The high degree of commonality among the four aircraft – E170, E175, E190 and E195 – results in exceptional savings for carriers in terms of crew training and the cost of spare parts and maintenance.  Another key feature of E-Jets is their state-of-the-art, fly-by-wire technology which increases operating safety while reducing pilot workload and fuel consumption.

The double-bubble fuselage design provides superior comfort and includes two main passenger and two service doors to minimize aircraft turn-around time. E-Jets offer much more space for passengers, in a single or dual-class layout, than other aircraft of similar seating capacities.

E-Jets are helping airlines to right size low load factor narrow body routes, replacing older, inefficient aircraft, and developing new markets with lower operating costs, greater efficiency, and outstanding passenger comfort.

About E-Jets E2

In 2013, Embraer launched E-Jets E2, the second generation of its E-Jets family of commercial aircraft comprised of three new airplanes – E175-E2, E190-E2, E195-E2 – seating from 70 to 130 passengers. The E190-E2 is expected to enter service in the first half of 2018. The E195-E2 is slated to enter service in 2019 and the E175-E2 in 2020.


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