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DefesaNet Confirmed - Argentina buys four polar super-tugs from Russia


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Confirmado DefesaNet - Argentina compra quatro super-rebocadores polares da Rússia Link

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Argentine Defense Minister, Agustín Rossi, trough Armada Argentina, signed the contract for four polar Tugs NEFTEGAZ Class, from Russia. Announcement happend on December 4th, in Buenos Aires.

Is confirmed the two reports, from Roberto Lopes, published with exclusivity by DefesaNet  in May 2014 (EXCLUSIVO: Buenos Aires se prepara para escalar crise no Atlântico Sul Link) and followed by another in September (Silêncio do Kirchnerismo aumenta mistério dos super-rebocadores Link)

The high pulling power four ships, acquired by eight million American Dollars (U$D 8.167.500). but Russian source say that value can reach 50 million american dollars. Polar Tugs will arrive to Argentina in mid-2015 and will replace units over recent years were eroded by time, precise official note.

The new tugs will provide greater safety to navigation, being cheaper to be more modern, underlines the statement.

They will be included in the Naval Service innumerable tasks, even in Antarctic waters, such as Search and Rescue in the maritime area of SAR responsibility (14 million square kilometers), Towing, Rescue and Patrol to 350 nautical miles.

They will also participate in the control of the Maritime Spaces, the Community Support with health-care and Support to Sciences, extends the ministerial note.

Other tasks will be containment and mitigation of environmental incidents and conduct long-range Combined Naval Antarctic Patrol providing higher performance and flexibility.

They will also contribute to the mobile logistic support to activities in the Atlantic maritime, coastal and inland Antarctic coast.

Units purchased by Armada Argentina :

NEFTEGAZ-57, and,

Technical Details Polar Tugs


Lenght  81,37 m
Largura  16,30 m
Calado  5 m.
Deslocamento  2.723 t
Crew: 30 persons

All Polar Tugs Neftegaz Class were built by Soviet Union ordera, in the Polish Gdansk shipyards, in the eighties.  Were produced around 55 ships in this class.

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