Russia Air Operations in Syria

In a press conference October 3rd, Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Andrei Kartapolov detailed the Russia Air  Group Operations in Syria

Russian Air Force continue making strikes against objects of the ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organizations on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic.

In total, starting from the beginning of the operation, the Russian aircraft carried out 1631 combat sorties engaging 2084 objects of terrorist military infrastructure. These strikes resulted in destruction of the following facilities:

  • 287 different command centres;
  • 52 terrorist training camps;
  • 40 plants and workshops producing bombs and rockets;
  • 155 different ammunition and fuel depots.

As a result of the activities of the Russian aviation, the control and logistic system, which had been built in the course of a considerable period of time, was disrupted, terrorists suffered significant losses, their morale was undermined and their sponsors were convinced of hopelessness of their further financing.

Within the interaction with the international counter-terrorist coalition and the states of the region aimed at prevention of air incidents and providing flight safety in the air space of Syria, the Russian Ministry of Defence is successfully developing cooperation with the American colleagues. As it has already been reported, the Russian Defence Ministry and the American Department of Defence signed the corresponding memorandum a week ago.

Today at 11:00 a.m. (MSK), joint training was held between the crews of the Russian and American Air Force on actions in case of dangerous proximity of aircraft.

In the course of the training, issues of warning, organization of interaction and information exchange between the staffs of the operational groups and control centres of the Russian Air Force at the Hmeymim airbase and the US Strategic Air Operations Center in Qatar as well as the mutual informing of dangerous military activities in the air space of Syria were practiced.

Crews of the aircraft of the Russian Air Force and the international coalition performed an approach at the minimum distance of 3 nautical miles, established a contact at the frequency defined beforehand and exchanged messages concerning the flight parameters of their aircraft in the English and Russian languages.

After the aircraft had returned to the bases, the control centres of the Russian Aerospace Forces at Hmeymim in Syria and the U.S. Air Force in Qatar held joint review through the established direct communication channel.

Joint work on providing flight safety is organized with Israel.

A 24-hour hotline is established between the control centre at the Hmeymim airbase and the command centre of the Israeli Air Force for exchange of information concerning the air situation over Syria.

The joint work in this field will be continued. That will create conditions for prevention of possible incidents in the air space of Syria in the course of actions of aviation of the Russia and other countries.

Russian Defence Ministry repeatedly claimed to be ready to cooperate with all the Syrian patriotic forces, which are fighting against the ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists.

It is to be mentioned that within the wide international coalition on counter-terrorism in the Middle East, the Russian Ministry of Defence has established contacts with the leaders of the Syrian opposition and field commanders of a number of formations. These patriotic forces despite the four-year opposition to the governmental troops put the idea of keeping Syria as a single independent state, free of ISIS and other terrorists of all kinds, above their political ambitions.

The Russian Ministry of Defence expresses the hope that this step will give a new impulse to the resolution of the Syrian conflict.

An agreement was achieved between the Russian Ministry of Defence and the patriotic forces on joint actions against terrorists as well as channels were established for transmission of information.

Thus, today the Russian aviation has already performed 12 sorties engaging 24 terrorist objects using high-power munitions and precision air bombs KAB-500 near Tadmor, Deir ez-Zor, Itria to the east of Aleppo. The coordinates of all those facilities had been transferred by representatives of the opposition.

The strikes resulted in elimination of the following objects:

  • a command centre of terrorists;
  • ammunition depot;
  • 10 different fortifications;
  • 12 artillery and air defence positions of militants.

Elimination of the ISIS ammunition depot to the east of Aleppo is shown on the screen. Its coordinates were transmitted by representatives of the opposition.

The Russian Ministry of Defence created coordination working groups, the staff of which cannot be disclosed due to understandable reasons at the present time. Their joint activities have been organized to perform tasks on countering the ISIS.

Such close cooperation will allow to consolidate the efforts of all the governmental troops and other patriotic forces of the Syrian Arab Republic, which were in opposition, against the common enemy – the international terrorism.


See after 2min and 10 s detaila about the Russian AF and USAF recognition Exercise. 


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